• Secrets to Successful Families

Secrets to Successful Families

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  • Book Author: Afshan Khan
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Tags: Secrets to Successful Families

Secrets to Successful Families provides an honest and hard-hitting look at more complex marital and family issues, such as lack of emotion, anger, narcissism, addiction, and infidelity.

Most of these behaviours have a back story and root cause.This book digs deeper to find those root causes in order to effect lasting solutions and secure a brighter future for all.

It covers:

  • The concept of the emotional baggage that we bring into marriage
  • The idea of core beliefs and how these are linked to childhood experiences
  • How these core beliefs manifest as negative behaviours in married life
  • Self-esteem and how nurturing this is at the heart of successful family life
  • Detailed advice to break the generational patterns that have embedded themselves in our psyche
  • Practical personal growth tools for healing

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