• Bent Rib : A Journey Through Women's Issues in Islam

Bent Rib : A Journey Through Women's Issues in Islam

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  • Book Author: Huda Khattab
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The description of a woman as a 'bent rib' is not derogatory to women. It comes from the hadith of the Prophet, who exhorted men not to try to change or 'straighten' women by force but to accept them as they are created by Allaah, and to follow his example by interacting with women on a basis of respect and compassion.

Bent Rib: A Journey through Women's Issues in Islam is the result of the author's exploration of a number of issues surrounding Muslim women, especially those which critics of Islam use as ammunition. These are matters of concern to all Muslim women. Bent Rib examines several controversial topics such as domestic violence, female genital mutilation, polygny and the failure to educate women and girls, and points out the divergence between Islamic teaching and actual culturally-influenced practice. The problem is not Islam itself, but un-Islamic practices that are prevalent in many communities. This is a situation which has to be addressed honestly.

In this new and revised edition of Bent Rib, important information has been updated and new and interesting developments in these areas are discussed with regard to their impact on Muslim women and their society.

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