• Chatterbox - Arabic Made Easy Foundation 2

Chatterbox - Arabic Made Easy Foundation 2

  • Publisher: MM Books
  • Product Code: BK3769
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Book Binding: Paperback
  • Book Author: Ghassan Mahir, Mariam Mahir
  • £8.90

  • A vocabulary list (sometimes more than one)
  • Grammar mind-maps, in full-colour for early books of the series, using English translation when necessary and colourful teaching aids
  • Exercises using words from the vocabulary lists
  • Tests that can be used as an end of year examinations
  • Full answers for exercises and tests
  • This is in addition to brief teaching and clipart/picture to assist the teaching provided in the mind-maps
  • As you go up in the series, exercises involve more and more writing.

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