• Arab History:  GCE / A2 Topic /Non-Literary Option 1

Arab History: GCE / A2 Topic /Non-Literary Option 1

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The GCE A2 Course Book set

Based on the requirements of the latest Edexcel Advanced Level (A2) specification, this set of books is the first of its kind, written specifically for the Arabic A2 course. The A2 course book set contains books for the topics (non-literary options) and texts (literary options). Each of these books contains texts, summaries, explanations, analysis and criticism, in addition to brief advice on studying and how to plan your essay-writing.

Arab History

This book, Arab History, contains the requirements of the first topic (non-literary option) of the final A-level, or A2, year.

·         Covers the two parts of this option: The Arabs and Science in the Middle Ages, and the Arabs in Spain.

·         Summary of the Arab contribution to science in the Middle Ages and the impact of translation of their pioneering work in Europe.

·         Essays on individual sciences to which Arab scientists of the time made major and milestone contributions in the history of their development.

·         Essays on individual scientists who were the leaders in their fields.

·         These essays provide information on individuals, works or inventions, and highlight their importance.

·         Essays giving a brief historic account of the Muslim conquest of Spain and the fall of Muslim Spain eight centuries later.

·         Essays on the major Arab cities in Muslim Spain, as well as on a couple of their major monuments.

·         These essays provide a brief account of the important features of the cities and monuments, pointing out their uniqueness.

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