• Al-Liss wal Kilab - The Thief and the Dogs (A2)
This book, al-Liss wal-Kilab (the Thief and the Dogs), contains the requirement for the first Text (literary option) of the final A-level, or A2, year.

It includes:
·                     A brief biography of the author Naguib Mahfouz.
·                     A summary of the novel.
·                     A description of the personality of Sa’id Mahran, the main character in the novel, and discussion of the factors that have contributed to this.
·                     Discussion about whether the main character of the novel was a victim of circumstances or a victim of his own making, providing different answers in three separate sections.

·                     Four more sections discussing the other characters and their role in the life of the main character.
·                     Seven essays highlighting the different ideas and themes that the author has presented.
·                     Three essays on the styles used by the author.
·                     A final section entitled "If I was Sa'id Mahran!"

Al-Liss wal Kilab - The Thief and the Dogs (A2)

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