• Judicial System of Islam

‘Islamic System of Justice’ may say to be a concise book on Islamic law but its utility and authenticity is obvious. The author has examined the system of justice in true perspective of the law and criticised it on true evidence of the Islamic Traditions, Qur’an and Sharia. He especially taken a chapter in describing the duties of Islamic Judge against the lawlessness and evils in the society. He further examined the man-made law in the light of the evidence of real book of Allah (Qur’an), Traditions and Sharia. He has also criticised the Egyptian Law. Obligation of Jihad and Conflicts between Islam and Imperialism are given in separate Chapters. This book is useful for law students and for those who have an interest in Islamic law.

Judicial System of Islam

  • Author: Ghulam Murtaza Azad
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