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The seriousness of the events which we will witness on the Day of Judgement has been explained due to the sneering and arrogant questioning of the disbeliever who would scornfully ask the Holy Prophet (SAW) about the divine punishment. This is contrasted with the patience that the Holy Prophet (SAW) displayed due to his complete trust and certainly in Allah’s (SWT) promise.

Surah Al-Ma’arij begins by addressing the disbelievers who used to mock the Holy Prophet (SAW) about the Day of Judgement. In this Surah, Allah (SWT) severely reproaches those who deny it assuming that there is only one life; the life of this world. The Surah manifests its horrors and catastrophic scenes that the entire creation shall witness on that very day. Mankind will then realise that on this horrific day, they will be judged by their own actions.

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