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The life of this world is short and temporary, Unfortunately for many, this world is perceived as a place of pleasure seeking. Until we don’t appreciate the finite existence of this world and the reckoning of our deeds, we can never prepare for the Hereafter. Allah (SWT) says that, this life is nothing but individuals contesting between themselves as to who possesses the most worldly assets.

This book is a comprehensive explanation of the three Surahs of Juzz Amma; Surah Takweer, Surah Infitar and Surah Mutaffifeen.  This book is a continuation from the previous book of the same author, ‘Horrors of Judgement Day’. The Three Surahs vividly sketch out the scene of the day of Judgement and describe the state of both the inmates of Jannah and Jahannam. Mufti Saiful Islam Sahib provides an easy but comprehensive commentary of the three surahs facilitating its understanding for the readers whilst capturing the horrific scene of the ending of the world and the conditions of mankind on the horrific Day


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