• Ideal Youth

Ideal Youth

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  • Book Author: Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam
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The topic of youth has become a world wide concern in particularly, for the Muslim community. The Muslim youth are responsible for their progression and development in the Din. The unfortunate sad state of affair is that not enough effort is being invested in this domain.

However, we must never lose hope. We must continue to develop ourselves so to not fall short in our responsibilities. By following the example of the ultimate leader, our beloved Messenger (SAW), we can produce a devout religious community of young Muslims with good potential and understanding.

This book contains articles gathered from various social media avenues: magazines, emails, WhatsApp and Telegram message, that provide useful tips of advice for those who have the zeal to learn and consider changing their negative habits and behavior and become better Muslim to set a positive trend for the next generation.

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