• DEATH : Ashraf's Advice Upon

DEATH : Ashraf's Advice Upon

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This Revised Enlarged Edition of one of the most popular and comprehensive guide on the Death of a Muslim in English is based upon the authentic Teachings of Pious Scholars of Islãm and outlines the method of acquiring success in this world & the Akhirah (Hereafter).

This New Edition is conveniently divided into user-friendly chapters for ease of reference and deals with Spiritual and practical issues:

  • What to do upon the approach of a Muslims death and how to register a death; how to correctly bathe, shroud and bury the janãzah; how to perform the Janãzah Salãh. Common shortcomings on these occasions are highlighted: delaying janãzah; feeding hordes of visitors; depriving women of their rightful inheritance; collective Qur’ãn completion ceremonies; etc.,
  • What to do in cases of stillbirth, miscarriage and accidents;
  • How to spiritually and practically cope with bereavement;
  • Eye-Opening episodes related to death, the grave and poems based upon the epic ‘Dars-e-Ibrat’ & ‘Muraqabah Maut’ are related to make fascinating reading;
  • How and when inheritance should be distributed and performance of those Sunnah deeds, which truly benefit the deceased;
  • New fill-in copies of Health-Care Proxy & Living Will, Last Will & Testament are included...no need now to search for the will;
  • The apparently daunting task of Probate and Grants are addressed in a simple step-by-step manner; the often ignored but prohibitive issue of Inheritance Tax is tackled with suggestions on how to legally avoid this ‘voluntary’ tax on death.

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