• Change Must Come From Within
The trials and tribulations that are gripping the Islamic world have created a sense of loss and disorientation not only in the heart of the ordinary Muslim, but also in the heart of the people of wisdom. 
What shall we do to overcome this hardship? How shall we rescue ourselves? How can we change this situation and where will this change come from? 
Do not fall into despondency, and do not wash your hands of seeking change, for there is still light at the end of the tunnel_ Hope exists in each of us. We must recover from our disease and we must have a role to play amongst the nations. 
Each of us must contribute to this process of curing and revitalizing the Muslim nation according to his potentials, for I am confident that each individual will succeed in doing so. 

Change Must Come From Within

  • Author: Dr. Amru Khalid
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