• The Secrets of Asceticism

ISLAM IS CHARACTERIZED by a fine balance between extremes;  It is a lofty “middle path” that sets it apart from any other way of life. This path is epitomized by Islams view of asceticism, or zuhd. It is not an asceticism of self-mortification as advocated by some traditions, nor is it a few prescriptions on moderation; rather it is a clear, wide, middle path, approachable by all. Few could be better guides on this journey into the meaning of zuhd than Muhammad b. Ahmad b. Abi Bakr al-Ansari al-Qurtubi (d.1273 C.E.), the great imam and exegete from Islamic Spain. He embraced the essence of asceticism, as well as its specifics, particularly in respect to the correct use of wealth. The present work is structured and clear, adorned with pearls of wisdom that tie together the tangible and the intangible, the theoretical and practical benefits of asceticism. AL-Qurtubi eloquently reflected the harmony he wrote of, living out his life as an ascetic while elucidating the topic for those who strive for such equilibrium.

The Secrets of Asceticism

  • Author: Imam al-Qurtubi, Translated by Abu Salif Ahmad Ali Al-Adani
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