• Benefits of DHIKR

Benefits of DHIKR

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Benefits of DHIKR

By Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak

This beautiful talk introduces the concept of dhikr, or remembrance, of Allah and its benefit to us. The Shaykh explains the different aspects of remembering Allah through the significant Qur'anic ayat 'Remember Me, I will remember you' and from the Prophetic Hadith in a simple and clear way. The talk is delivered as a step-by-step guide for us all to adhere to and follow.

This CD also includes a 20 page booklet that contains a small collection of commentaries on the Qur'anic ayat, "Therefore Remember Me, I Will Remember you "[2:152], and the Prophetic Hadith called the Hadith of Jibril according to some of the great scholars of Islam.

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