• A Mercy to the Worlds

A Mercy to the Worlds

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A Mercy to the Worlds

the Coming of Muhammad,
and give him peace.
may Allah bless him 

Qur'an recitations: Osama Alshurafaa
Researched, Written, and narrated by
Mehded Maryam Sinclair
when you hear, you'll See


1. Prologue
2. Chapter One: He Hears Our Salams
3. Chapter Two: the Long Lost Waters of Zam Zam
4. Chapter Three: The Newly-Found waters of ZamZam- A Flashback
5. Chapter Four: A Vow Honored
6. Chapter Five: Sad News and Happy News
7. Chapter Six: The Fulfillment of a Great Promise
8. Chapter Seven: Un-numbered Grains of Sand
9. Chapter Eight: The Mlik-Mother Halima
10. Chapter Nine: A Strange Happening
11. Chapter Ten: A Joyful Visit
12. Chapter Eleven: Tribulations
13. Chapter Twelve: A New Beginning

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